Eclipse AerospaceORLANDO, FL — October 31, 2012 — Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. is  excited to announce a supplier contract with Lexavia Systems for the  Enhanced Vision system in the Eclipse 550 Jet, scheduled for first  delivery in the third quarter of 2013.

The Lexavia model chosen, the LFS6000, is the most compact and  lightweight Enhanced Vision System (EVS) sensor available today.  Optimized for high speed / low drag aircraft requirements, the sensor  housing rises a mere 1.42 inches above the center of the bonnet,  blending smoothly into the aerodynamic flow of the E550. The ease of  installation and refined aesthetics make the LFS6000 a perfect match to the lines of the Eclipse airframe.

"The addition of Enhanced Vision adds yet another level of safety to the Eclipse 550. EVS, along with Synthetic Vision, Auto Throttles, and the other features of the new Eclipse 550 avionics platform brings an  incredible amount of technology to the aircraft, while at the same time reducing pilot workload. Eclipse continues to work relentlessly to build  the safest, most cost effective, and easiest to operate aircraft in its  class," remarked Cary Winter, SVP of Engineering & Global Service.

The LFS6000 will be configured with the extremely high performance  640 x 480 element sensor array, which uses the most recent generation  VOx long wave infrared technology. The LFS6000 with 640 x 480 resolution   camera offers 4x electronic zoom.

"Lexavia sensors offer twice the resolution at half the price. The  increased resolution and four-times zoom capability of the LFS6000 allow   pilots to clearly view runway incursions and other hazards with enough   time to safely execute the missed approach. We are looking forward to bringing this capability to the Eclipse 550," said Bill Van Zwoll,  Lexavia Director of Sensors and Integrated Products.

Lexavia's LFS6000 interfaces with Eclipse 550 EFIS for display on the   MFD, and the infrared depiction will be displayed on the MFD in the  cockpit.

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